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sung to Volga Boat Song..."I am soooo full. I am sooo full..."

I needed a day like yesterday after the past few weeks...

Slept in until 9am. Wasn't going to get up early for anybody. Cats had been fed at 10:30 last night, so I knew they weren't starving, no matter how much Gemma makes sad mewing and biting. *g*

Friday night, after work, I visited Lee for a bit. She's doing better. Yay! Thursday had been a horrible day for her, so she had been moved back to ICU so that they could keep an eye on her. =(

Afterwards, I went down to Tina's Hallmark store in San Jose. (Tina is the owner of Shadzz - the plushie pusher headquarters around the corner from work) November Hallmark ornaments debut and all that. Similar to the one I went to in July. Wasn't planning on spending anything as I had prepaid for most of the stuff, but there was this Boyd's Bear tree topper angel and... *sigh*

Anyway, Saturday morning, ran errands, fed cats. Dropped off big stuff laundry (sweatshirts; towels and sheets after two weekends of people visiting; Lee's towels, sheets and blankets) Nice lady at laundry place was surprised with the number of bags of laundry that I had *g* Should be interesting as to how many pounds of laundry there was... Was going to treat myself to a hobo breakfast at Velvet Grill, but it was packed. Ended up getting an enchirito at Taco Bell - Yum! I'm so glad they brought it back.

Back to the apt for some clean up, reading and playing Lunar. I have to admit after playing Kingdom Hearts, Lunar is a bit slow *g*. Took a wee nap.

Picked up Foxy and went to see Lee. She was still in ICU - looking better than on Friday - they had removed her stitches on Friday, and by Saturday, the surgical area was a lot less noticeable. She admitted to feeling better as she had thrown a "hissy fit" about certain things with nursing staff and had gotten her way over them. Yup, feeling cranky is a very good thing *weg*. We didn't stay too long, she kept dozing off.

After a quick snack at Taco Bell, Foxy and I headed over to Palo Alto. Stopped by Borders for a quick book fix. Almost had a heart attack when my total came to $359.00 for just *3* items. Ooops! One of the books had come up $300 instead of $6.95 for some reason *g*

We had decided to treat ourselves to a hot tub session over at Watercourse Way. *sigh* Should have done this a LONG time ago. Since we had made the reservation on Friday, we were too late to get a room with a sauna or cold water plunge. Next time *g* If you look at the site, the room we got was #4 - Waterouzels. OOOOOH... nice soak. Felt wonderful. The tub even had jets close to floor level, so when you stuck your feet just there... OY! *lovely*

Strolled down to Elbe's - a German restaurant over on University. We were both feeling very very relaxed at this point. They had an accordian player performing - he was really good! Found ourselves playing "name that tune", humming and head bouncing along. Yup. We were definitely very mellow.

Decided to be daring and ordered the appetizer platter for starters. Probably should have stopped right after that. The platter was huge -had lots of lovely nibbley bits - two types of smoked salmon, smoked trout, grilled brautwurst and sausage, baked brie with candied walnuts, ham and roasted garlic (oy!), and potato pancakes. Plus, there were different types of sauces and mustards to go with everything. Then came the entree. Foxy had the peppered steak and I had the sauerbrauten with cabbage and more potato pancakes. I lucked out and had gotten some kind of delicious white wine - usually not available by the glass - but had a lovely apple flavor to it. Foxy had a pinot noir (grigio?) that went really well with his steak. And then, they gave us a slice of some fantastic german chocolate cake. Between the two of us, we did manage to eat about a 1/3 and took the rest back to Foxy's (Neither of us should have eaten any of it at all, but it was soooooo good) For the rest of evening, we kept singing "I am soooo full. I am sooo full. ay yi, ay yi, I am sooooo full!" to the tune of the Volga Boat Song. Didn't even have to use words, any bit of the tune had us both giggling.

On to the movies. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! Oy! The place was packed. We parked in what felt like the back beyond and got in line. There was a sizeable line already and we were over an hour early. Definitely sold out.

Enjoyed the movie lots! Loved the howler letter scene *g* Loved watching Foxy's expressions during the spider episode *g* Kenneth Brannagh was excellent as Gilderoy Lockhart *g* Must remind people to watch entire credits *g* Took me a while, but finally figured out that the guy who played Father Weasley is the stuttering actor from Shakespeare in Love *g*

1:30 in morning. Walked all over parking lot. Took forever to find Eeyore. Did I mention that they turn off all the parking lot lights and it's really really dark out there?

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