Debbie (debmats) wrote,

World Con - Things I missed

I *did* make it out of hotel at least once during day. Kev & I had lunch at some hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. Hot & sour soup was good as was the shrimp in lobster sauce. Which day did we go?

Alex made a cool Jack - pic? somebody, please?

Friday morning, Alex & I were going somewhere when he grabbed the Triplanetary Gazette #4 (pdf 138kb). He glanced quickly over it and laughed. He grabbed another copy, handed it to me and pointed to the 2nd page, 2nd column. Ah... Thanks Joey.

Capt'n, it was da devil that made me do it! I just saw those eyeball bookmarks and I was taken over by a demon. Really! That's why I put one in the casket and one on the pin the horn on the unicorn for you to find. It wasn't my fault!!! And surely, that was not me giggling when you screeched. No, not me.
Tags: birthday, bower, friends, worldcon

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