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World Con - September 6, 2004 - Day 5

We made it out of the room by 7am. Hello Ripley's???

Ended up eating at Marche' - Me, Kev, Alex, Tammy, Reesa & Michelle. Mat still hadn't been home. We were later joined by Kevin H.

Back to the rooms. Elaine & Thuy were going to be moved into 1206, so we packed up everything and moved it to 1205. Then the room could be cleaned and they could move their stuff in and we could leave stuff in their room. We had gotten a 2pm check out of 1205, which would work for all except Alex - he wouldn't be done until after 3:30pm. So the plan was to move his stuff & Tanya's back into 1206. Talk about musical rooms!

Walked Kev down to the shuttle. *sniff*

Mat made it back!

Went down to the Dealers' room for last minute shopping. Stopped by the Make Room for Duckling shop in the mall and got Alani her Boston Duckling shirt. Picked up a dragon and turtle shirt for Kyle.

Went to "It's a Mystery" panel with Joshua, Charlaine Harris, Jay Caselberg, Toni L. P. Kelner, Wen Spencer. Was a wee bit afraid with having Joshua as moderator, but he ran a great panel. Everybody stayed involved and it didn't drag. Enjoyed it. As Wen Spencer was having an autograph session about the time that I needed to be at the airport, I asked her if she'd sign books right then. She did. =)

Back to room. Elaine & Thuy were just about done moving into 1206, so Alex was able to move his stuff in. Much good byes. Checked out of 1205. Mat, Reesa, Michelle, Tammy & I headed out to the shuttle and we just made it. Full van. Adam had come down 5 minutes later just as we were pulling out. Guess he had to taxi it to the airport.

Woe! Everybody was going to terminal B. I was going to Terminal C. Wah!!! Quick farewells. More insult - my bag was 10 pounds over so I had to pay the $25 excess baggage fee. Grrrr.

Plane was at the gate, but due to Frances, we weren't going anywhere. Limited traffic into Atlanta. Instead of leaving at 3:15 - we didn't get out of there until 5:15-5:30. Did make up time, but my connecting flight was at 7:02pm. We circled for about 30 minutes in a holding pattern which made me even more whacked...

Didn't get off the plane until a little after 8pm. Very bumpy, roller coaster landing. Ugh. We had flown into gate T02 and I needed to catch the rescheduled 8:15 flight at gate B32. I basically did the fast walk/run from the farthest gate on concourse T down two flights to the train, over two stops, back up the escalator and down to the farthest gate on concourse B. They did not depart at 8:15, more like 8:30. By the time I had gotten to gate they were boarding zones 1-6. I was in zone 8. I made it with 5 minutes to spare, I think.

In Boston, I had been talking to a couple who were flying home to Ontario, CA. On the train I heard this "Hey Oakland! We made it this far!" Their plane was supposed to leave at 8:02. Last I saw them, they had made their plane - it hadn't started to board yet.

Glad I made the plane, there was no other flights to Oakland that night and as it was a weather related delay, airline did not have to provide hotel or other amenity. Though, after that landing, I was feeling like not getting back on the plane.

Uneventful flight. Take off was smooth. Middle seat was vacant. YAY! Watched bits of Raising Helen.



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Sep. 10th, 2004 12:10 am (UTC)
You know, it seems that my presence at this con was noteable more in my comings and goings rather than in my beings. Which is sort of fitting, since that's sorta how I felt mentally. :)

I had the overweight baggage thing too...mine was 14lbs over though. *g* Good thing Alex has my boots! *g* I picked up a $14 bag in buffalo to avoid paying the $25 fee. So I saved $11 and got a duffel bag out of it.
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