Debbie (debmats) wrote,

World Con - September 5, 2004 - Day 4

Sunday once again started out very early!

FoL Breakfast at 8am. UGH. Well, when I had told the rest of my roommates about it the night before, there had been much interest. Come morning? Nope. Like vampires - a little bit of sun and they were dead to the world.

Elaine knocked on my door to make sure I was awake. Thanks! I was all dressed except for my shoes.

Breakfast at Marche' - Roll call - Steve, Sharon, Elaine, Thuy, me, Kathy D., Adam, Myles, his wife (Beth???? Nancy), Brian and another guy I didn't recognize.

10am Memorable Scenes Grant Carrington, Sharon Lee, Bradford Lyau, Darrell Schweitzer
Grow Old Along With Me: Aging Your Characters Lois McMaster Bujold, Nancy Kress, Jean Lorrah, Steve Miller, John Scalzi, Susan Shwartz
About Audio Books Tamora Pierce
Ended up going to Grow Old Along With Me. I think the moderator needed to learn how to moderate. Body language says a lot. Another panel member needed a muzzle. I also think that this panel could have been much better as the moderator was pushing more about older characters but not aging your characters.
11am Mixed Marriages Michael Benveniste, Bob Devney, Daniel Kimmel, Steven H. Silver
DOA: Books That Died Despite Everything John Jarrold, Jane Jewell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Janna Silverstein, Jonathan Strahan, Jacob Weisman
Decisions... Decided to go to the Art show (FINALLY!!!) instead.
Noon Hell is Gray: The Banality of Evil Barbara Chepaitis, Stephen Dedman, Paula Guran, Elizabeth Hand, Tanya Huff, Mary Turzillo
1pm Confronting Your Characters Hilari L. Bell, Carol Berg, Lois McMaster Bujold, Steve Miller, Elizabeth Moon
2pm Heinlein's Juveniles Solomon Davidoff, Bradford Lyau, Joseph T. Major, John McDaid, Tamora Pierce
Fantasy Noire Jim Butcher, Glen Cook, Faye Ringel, Delia Sherman
Missed everything from 1pm until 3pm. I was walking with Joey and all of a sudden I saw the line for the Pterry signing at 3pm. So we pulled up two chairs, joined the line and he was kind enough to wait with me until almost the end. He had picked up lunch at the Paradise Cafe thingy in the food court and munched on a tuna & fruit salad. (after heavy breakfast, I was so not hungry) Ever since then I've been craving tuna!! His fault.
Then, as he had nothing for Pterry to sign and wanted to hit a 3pm panel, he found zyxwvut in line and gave him his place. Made Eric very happy as he was almost the last person in line and might have waited in vain!
3pm Autographing Terry Pratchett
Creating Gods Lois McMaster Bujold, David B. Coe, Glen Cook, George R.R. Martin, Tamora Pierce, Jo Walton
Reading Michelle Sagara West
Pterry arrived 10 minutes early and immediately began signing! Another cool and gracious gentleman. Was able to to go to the Creating Gods panel.
4pm Filk & Fable Tanya Huff
Got to listen to a range of performers - loved Brenda Sutton's Able Harris, Bartender song. Need a copy. Loved Cinderella Sleeps (have that one on Gwen Knighton's cd). Enjoyed!!!
5pm Concert Jordin T. Kare
5:30pm Concert Terence Chua
The gods were against these two. JK got stuck in the elevator queue hell and was late. TC got stuck in a warp bubble. (see his story here).

Enjoyed their concerts, even though they were cut short. Was hoping to hear JK's Fire in the Sky as I really enjoyed it when he played it at Conduit. Next time.
7pm Reading Tanya Huff
Don't piss off the cook. =)

If I remember correctly, dinner was a group run through the food court. Michelle, Reesa & I got so-so chinese food. I think Kev got a burrito, Tammy & Alex got Indian. Kev & I ate up in the room. I think everybody else headed out to the consuite.

Could you tell I needed a time out?

I had bid on a necklace in the art show, but I didn't get it.

Sometime over the weekend, I had gone over to the Buzzy Multimedia table and had bought the first two Jim Butcher books on cd, read by James Marsters. JB signed both of them!!! Now I just have to wait until Grave Peril & Local Custom are available for purchase.

Mat disappeared with local friends and was not seen again until late Monday morning.

FoL pajama party! Our bedtime story was a new fantasy murder mystery. Fun!!! Chatted until midnight! Afterwards, Thuy, Myles' wife, Beth???, Elaine & I played a game. For the life of me, I can't remember its name. We had cards that had a picture of either Who, What or Where - and depending on what color came up on the dice - you had to get everybody else to guess the answer. One was drawing. One was "It's bigger than xxxx and smaller than a yyyy". One was pantomime or song. One was describing it with a specific letter (ie "M" milk, moo - for cow). I think I've seen the game at Starbucks.

Back to room - more chatting. More pajama party!!! I think we gave up around 2:30? 3? Got everything packed. We had all decided to go have breakfast with Kev as he had to leave by 9am. *sniff*. The plan was to be out the door at SEVEN am. OY
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