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F* Cancer

Found at late yesterday afternoon that coworker & friend Toni had passed away from appendix cancer.

Oh damn.
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NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 3

Thursday - Snowpocolypse!!!

Wednesday had been sunny, mid 60's - shorts weather. Thursday, I awoke to all this white stuff falling from the skies. My plan was to walk up 6 blocks to the Jean Nidetch Center at 57th & Lexington for my weekly Weight Watcher meeting. For weigh in, I always wear shorts and a t-shirt - but that so didn't happen. Pants for the win! I mean 20 degree weather???? Trudged through SNOW - both piles on the ground and falling from the sky, and below freezing weather to the center, attended a good meeting led by Lisa and then trudged back to the hotel.

I do not have the right clothes for snow and 20 degree weather.

Joey had gone out to get bagels, so I had a cinnamon-raisin bagel with lox and cream cheese. Yum.

Joey went off to do his Gaiman meet up and so I was on my own. I had thought about going to the Tenement Museum and visit the Brown Building of NYU site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. I'd been interested in both since I'd seen and loved the musical Triangle
I'd started out, but decided not to go after all. It was too dang cold and I was miserable. I ended up doing a lot of shopping around Times Square instead (stores were warm). Actually didn't buy anything, just did a lot of looking.

Did take a break at Starbucks and had skinny peppermint mocha latte. Not one of my better ideas. Milk. Stupid.
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NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 2

Wednesday started out with a quick walk around the neighborhood. Walking up either 2nd or 3rd, saw a guy checking out his phone while walking his cute dog. Sure looked a lot like Josh Groban. I've seen pictures of his dog too. Hmmmm. Me, being me, did not ask him or say hi or anything. Just smiled as we walked by. Joey said he would have stopped and asked.

Brunch! Go!Go!Curry on east 53rd. YUM! Joey & I both ordered the Home Run Curry (curry over rice with cabbage and chicken or pork katsu, tempura shrimp, sausage and hard boiled egg). I got mine with pork katsu, Joey got the chicken. We both added natto (yum!) and I also got the fukuzinzuke. The place is named in honor of Hideki Matsui's jersey number (55) and instead of small, medium or large, you can order the walk, single, double, triple...

Now I want more curry.
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Did a bit of shopping at One Schubert Alley & Theatre Circle and a snack at Mendy's Deli at Rockefeller Center (split pea soup & chopped chicken livers!) then back to the hotel for a quick break before dinner.

Had a lovely dinner at El Cocotero with Joey, mat_t and his Kevin!!! Haven't seen Mat since the last trip to NYC in November, 2015 and had only heard about this Kevin =)

T'was wonderful to spend time with them, getting to know Kevin and munching on some yummy antojitos: Degustacion/Sampling (Bite size crispy arepas, crispy yucca, tostones and four sampling toppings of: Shredded beef, chicken, reina pepiada and dominó).

I had the hallaca (Venezuela style corn tamale, stuffed with a stew of chicken, beef, pork, olives, raisins and capers, wrapped in banana leaves, served with venezuelan’s style potato salad) More Yum!

We chatted until there was nobody left in the restaurant except one other table of customers (we were not the last out!) and the staff was tidying up - well after 10pm and both Mat & Kevin had to work the next day.
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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was busy and I was feeling more tired this year. 37 people this year - less Shoji's (they'll be back next year) and more friends for a change.

Alani & Kyle slept over the night before - they made 4 pans of finger jello. Less kids this year (mainly Joshua & Mikayla), but there were just a few yellow ones left by the end of the night. (only because Miya doesn't like lemon)

Kyle & I walked Julie's 11th Annual Gobble Gobble Not Trot 5K at 7:15am. Alani slept in.

We had da usual. Carol brought over a cauliflower cheese dish that was very tasty. I didn't even get one spam musubi. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rice, baked yams, cranberry sauce (canned & home made), brussel sprouts, Hawaiian rolls, duck, chow mein, fruit salad, lumpia, egg rolls, char siu, inari & futomaki, spanakopitas, gravy...

Ruffles & onion dip - definitely a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately it was on the far side of the table. (fortunately?)

Art is looking very fragile. He's been sick a lot this year and on oxygen. as needed, for his COPD.

Bruce & Sharyn were supposed to come, but Sharyn came down with something. He's now eating through the multiple pans of Marshmallow Treats that she normally brings.

Nobody brought kaki (persimmons) this year. Claudia said that the squirrels got all the ones on her tree.

Chatted with Mich - she's doing her first marathon this year. Asked her if running that first mile got any easier. She said "no". *sigh* If I can get through that first mile, I'm good.
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WorldCon 2016 - Prologue Part III

Tuesday, August 16th:
Breakfast at the free buffet. The attendant, she is one of the cheeriest morning people I have ever seen!

Loaded up Tammy's car and after dropping the guys' cars at their place & getting coffee, we headed out to Kansas City.

I did my usual, and slept in the back seat. We stopped in Columbia for lunch at the Flat Branch Pub & Brewing. Got to watch Olympic Volleyball! Tried their Brown Ale, twasn't bad 3 out 5. Had a salad with grilled salmon. Tammy had a grilled romaine salad. I'd never heard of grilling lettuce before.

I slept the next two hours until we reached Independence, then we passed the KC Royals stadium and arrived in Kansas City. Checked into the Marriott. Hmm, no fridge - they were out and it's no longer a medical necessity. On to Plan B. We picked up our registration packet and hit Costco - not sure in what order. Joey had managed to get on an earlier flight, so he'd be joining us for dinner.

Dinner - Cork & Cleaver. It was an early birthday dinner celebrating Kev's 40th! First BBQ meal of the trip, though I had the PORK OSSO BUCCO // roasted apples, polenta, braising jus, parsley relish instead and it was yummy. We shared cheese & charcuterie plate, a fried cheese curds and pickles, and red cabbage. I think Kev & Joey got the ribs platter, somebody got the chicken and somebody got the steak? Dessert included the creme brulee and the butter cake

Our host was very knowledgeable and gave us the skinny on the various restaurants in the area - she was even willing to get us reservations. Nice lady!

Went upstairs to check out the gym, but it closes at 10pm. It's got attendants and all. Got a quick look around and that was probably the last time I made it to the 22nd floor. Did a lot of hall walking this trip.
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WorldCon 2016 - Prologue Part II

Monday, August 15th: New Day!

Christopher had to work. Boo!
Kev drove me all the way to Alton, IL (okay, 30 minute drive) to Olga's - one of my favorite chain restaurants. I used to go all the time, especially in high school and college. Then all the CA restaurants closed *sniff* and the only way to get my fix is to get Kev to take me there. There is ONE Olga's in Illinois and after that you have to go Michigan. I had my original Olga, an Olga Salad and a piece of spinach pie. YUM!!!

Not sure how long this place will stay open - the Mall is half empty.

Kev had work to do, so I bravely went back to the treadmill. No running, but I did walk 3+ miles. I would normally have done my walking outside, but Missouri? It's HOT and HUMID - plus I don't know the area, so won't walk at night. Nope nope nope.


Dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Meskerem! Love their injera.
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WorldCon 2016 - Prologue

Sunday, August 14th: Dang! I managed to sleep through THREE alarm clocks! I was awakened by K calling my on the landline to say "she was waiting out front - where was I???" AUGH!!!!!

Thankfully: 1) I was packed and ready to go, 2) I can get up, get dressed and be out of the house in less than 10 minutes, AND 3) Oakland Airport is less than 10 minutes away. I also lucked out because I had been gifted with TSA Pre-check (actually both ways).

Nonstop flight to St Louis was okay until I managed to spill my cup of spicy tomato juice all over me. *SIGH*. Met Kev & Christopher at baggage claim, got my luggage and stomped off to the bathroom to change clothes. My blue & white t-shirt is toast.
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Stuff I've done this summer...

This summer, I have done the following:
  • Karen & I danced at Alameda's Obon

  • Dim Sum at the Hong Kong Lounge with Thuy, Michael, Ariel, Thuy's brother & niece

  • Had my 27th annual celebration breakfast of surviving the first six months with the City

  • Family Vacation

  • Seen Theatreworks' The Confederates

  • Seen Ghost Busters with Sean

  • Karen, da Kidlets and I had dinner with Claudia & Kenji and danced at Placer's Obon (in memory of Auntie Asako & Auntie Nobuko)

  • Finding Dory with Alani

  • Celebrated Sean's birthday at The Melting Pot

  • Gone to an A's vs Mariners game with Karen, Christine & John. A's won 6-3!

  • Had dinner with a bunch of Volleyball friends - Janice, Liz, Karen S., Karen M.

  • WorldCon

  • Sick sick sick - the joys of Con Crud