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Went to the Interfaith Pagan Pride concert tonight with trektone. First got to see Avalon Rising and then Tempest Enjoyed it very much but by midnight, I was feeling a wee bit numb and was definitely deaf in one ear. *grin* It was a packed house and y'all know how much I love crowds. Wasn't so bad that I wanted to run out screaming into the night though. Feet were veddy tired. We finally left around 1am.

Had dinner first at Tin's - lots of dim sum and hot & sour soup. Day was hectic as we're doing a system migration at work this weekend, and there were some last minute things that needed to be done. I'm probably working both Sunday & Monday - migration vendor is supposed to turn over the system to us some time on Sunday - and there will be system tests which need to be done. Traffic was horrible and the parking garage I normally use was closed for some reason. Parking is one of the many reasons why I hate going to Chinatown.



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Jan. 20th, 2004 02:28 pm (UTC)
Next time we could go to San Francisco Chinatown, okay?

Seriously, if there's a good place in Alameda to quell your dim sum craving, we should go!
Jan. 20th, 2004 09:58 pm (UTC)
We could go to San Francisco Chinatown so long as you drive *grin*

Though I do have my garages all mapped out for that area too.

I love going to Jade Villa & Tin's enough to brave the parking situation.

There's only one place in Alameda that I know that serves dim sum. It's okay and will do when I'm desperate. Would much rather go to Tin's or Jade Villa's.

Dim Sum... yum!
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